Comprehensive Braille Services

Welcome to Hope Braille!

We are a full service Braille production company offering the following services:

  • Braille Transcription
  • Tactile Illustration (Digital and Collage available)
  • In-house embossing (single-sided, interpoint, and Tiger graphics)
  • Digital file production (.B2K, .ABT, or .BRF, with .CDR or .PDF graphic file types)
  • NLS Certified in Literary Braille, Literary Proofreading, UEB Braille, and UEB Proofreading
  • CNIB and RIDBC Certified in UEB
  • RIDBC Certified in UEB Math – Basic and Advanced
  • Specialize in higher level math and sciences (highly experienced in Nemeth, UEB Technical, or UEB with Embedded Nemeth)
  • Experienced with Computer Braille Code and transcription of any business/medical/legal documents
  • Experienced with any grade level of school material (K through Advanced College Courses), with experience as a school transcriber
  • In business for 12+ years